The Coats APX90E Rim Clamp Tire Changer Review

Published: 25th May 2011
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Much like all of Coat’s tire changers, the Coats APX90E has kept up with the pace of providing tire technicians with the means necessary to handle nearly any job that comes through the front door because as time marches on wheel sizes change….to be frank, tires change. The APX9E was designed and conceived to change the toughest and meanest run flats and those huge specially costumed tires with total easy, while simultaneously allow the person changing the tire to work quickly as they work on conventional tires and wheels.

The electric drive system that is in the tire changer has a high torque of two horsepower, one hundred and ten volt, with a single phase 25 amplified motor. It has a patented Coats Robotic amr that applies direct pressure to create a type of bead lock and to provide the technician with a boost in leverage on run flats and low profile tires that they deal with. The Coats APX90E has a Duck head roller that keeps the bead in the right and proper location under the Duck head when mounting that difficult low profile tire and it can also be removed when the technician doesn’t need to use it.

It has powered horizontal rollers that give the technician something special. It allows easy bead and rim lubrication, it loosens up the top beads, and an added bonus is that it helps in mounting run flat and low profile tires. Its also used to dismount the lower lead and the best part about it is that there is no tire tool needed to do it. The Robotic roller in the Coats APX90E rim clamp tire changer uses two tapered wheels that are meant to provide additional power when the technician is mounting those very big and large in diameter run flat and low profile tires.

It has a "X" shaped high torque electric turntable that has an external clamp range capacity of up to nine to thirty inches which gives the technician the power they need for working those difficult applications. It has a very exclusive and new three bead position loosener that is meant to eliminate and reduce the risk of damaging the tire to increase productivity. Its industry prevailing rim clamp style operation allows technicians to learn how to use it quickly. There is no long learning curve that will have to be taken on to understand this machine. The Coats APX90E is a great tire changer.

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