The Coats 5035E Rim Clamp Tire Changer Review

Published: 25th May 2011
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The Coats 5035E rim clamp tire changer offer technicians an very affordable way to expand their wheel service capabilities and their customer base making them very flexible to be able to handle any and all tire that come in the door. This tire changer was designed to handle any and all wheels. It handles custom alloy wheels and steel wheels. It has a electric drive system for the turn table that reduces noise while working on the tire. It has a air powered side bead loosener that is meant for giving power as it works on changing the tire.

It has a very exclusive "X" shaped table top, it includes bead seating jets that are there to aid in inflation of the tire. It has a 3.4 gallon air surge tank that is built into the tower that is meant to reduce floor space that is required, and it includes set up and training provided by the factory authorized partner. Its made in the United States and of course this machine comes with a six months parts warranty. That’s right, the Coats 5035E tire changer comes with a six month warranty which is of course ideal in a tire changing machine.

The rim diameter on this tire changer is twelve inches to nineteen inches externally, and it has a internal rim diameter of fifteen inches to twenty two inches. The width of its rim is at the most ten inches. The diameter of its tire is at the most forty inches. It has a air source electric drive system that is 110 volts, and it has a chassis footprint of thirty two inches wide, forty inches deep and seventy inches high. Its weight in shipping it around is at most and approximately 450 pounds. The Coats 5035E rim clamp tire changer includes a lube applicator, a lube bottle, a bead lift tool, a hose with air chuck, a inflation safety limiter, and filter lubricator. Here are technical detail of this tire changer just to give some more specific details….

• High Torque X-Shaped

• Turntable Pedal controlled for more careful tire mounting/dismounting or high volume.

• Coats X-Shaped Tabletop Holds wheels firmly in place during operation.

• Pressure Limiter

• For inflation control and enhanced safety.

This is a phenomenal machine that will help technicians work more efficiently and quickly. No tire that comes through business doors will be a challenge to technicians, and the learning curve for learning how to use this tire changer is very short. The Coats 5035E is a great machine.

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