The Coats 4050A Rim Clamp Tire Changer Review

Published: 25th May 2011
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The Coats 4050A has set the standard in the tire changing industry for high volume center and post tire changer design. This tire changer has been designed and emulated based on Coat’s 40/40SA center post tire changer, but this tire changer represents the most tried and the most true technology in the tire business. It features a single stage operation, which is a huge and major advantage over the competitive two stage center post machine. Because of this, the Coats 4050A is super fast and extremely powerful when in use.

All of its operations are bead loosening, demounting, mounting and inflation. Each one of these operations are performed in the exact same position throughout. This rim clamp tire changer come equipped and prepped with a gracious 7.5 gallon surge tank, which is 50% more larger than all the other competitive models that try and emulate it. This tire changer also features a contoured table top that is meant for proper rim support and it has state of the art materials that give it the best in quality and performance while at the same time providing the technician with less effort done on their part.

Its rim diameter capacity is ten inches to 17.5 inches, and its rim width capacity is at the most nineteen inches which is great. It can handle tire and wheel diameters of up to thirty eight inches at the most, and the type of drive system that this tire changer has is air. The required air source for its drive system is 110 to 175 PSI, 2 HP compressor, and 5 SCFM at 150 PSI. Here are the specific details of the Coats 4050A tire changer….

• The COATS Model 4050A Center Post Tire Changer is super fast and super powerful. All operations--bead loosening, demounting, mounting, and inflation--are performed in the same position.

• The contoured tabletop provides proper rim support, and a 7.5 gallon surge tank is 50 percent larger than competitive models for the inflation power when you need it.

• The 4050A set the industry standard for high-volume tire changing. And for some shops, it's still the machine of choice.


• Rim Diameter: 10 inches x 17.5 inches

• Rim Width: 19 inches maximum

• Tire Diameter: 38 inches maximum outside

• Type of Drive System: air only

• Required Air Source: 110 to 175 PSI

• Compressor: 2 horse power compressor (5 SCFM min. at 150 PSI)

• Chassis Footprint: 53 inches x 17.5 inches x 42 inches

• Shipping Weight: 575 pounds

• Height of Table From Floor: 28.5 inches

• Bead Loosening System: foot control

• Internall ASME Tank: with 7.5 gallon capacity

• Position of Inflation Gauge: permanently mounted

• 0 to 60 PSI gauge

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